“This place is amazing. They have a variety of outdoor areas for the dogs to play. Dogs hang out together, if they can handle it. My dog is not dog friendly and VERY picky with people. All the staff at Blue Dog Ranch can handle my dog and she loves them all. They hang out with her during the day since she can’t play with the other dogs. I love this place so much, I drive from Culver city to Burbank every time I leave town so I know my dog is being well cared for.”
– Jen P.

“We have boarded our dogs at Blue Dog for many years. We got the recommendation from a friend who also treats her dogs as her kids. We even adopted a dog from them. Our dogs love being at Blue Dog and the folks at Blue Dog love our dogs as much as we do. The dogs always have a great experience. Dave, BobbySue, Belinda and all the staff are fabulous.”
- Kim D.

“David Roe and his staff are angels. My dog Rusty had developed some fear aggression issues and I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t like strangers and he REALLY didn’t like men. I had tried other trainers but they didn’t seem equipped to handle Rusty and had all told me that he was the worst they’d ever seen. I was beginning to feel hopeless when someone told me about David and Blue Dog Ranch. Since Rusty’s problems were extreme I had enrolled him in their Boot Camp where he would go to live at Blue Dog for 3 weeks. I was sad and nervous about having him be somewhere else for so long but the staff was so reassuring and I thought their facilities were top notch. The Boot Camp is expensive and Rusty’s problems were so severe that he had to stay a little longer than expected but it was worth every single penny. I trusted David implicitly when he told me Rusty needed more time. When I went to visit Rusty he was a changed dog. He was calm and happy and most of all I noticed how he had bonded with David. At one point David had left the yard and Rusty went looking all over for him, even though I was standing right next to him and hadn’t seen him in a long time. For a dog that was scared of men, it was amazing to see how much he had grown attached to David. While Rusty was gone, David assured me that I could call him to check on his progress. His staff would also give me updates on how he was doing. T even took pictures of Rusty for me and sent them to me. I really felt like everyone cared about Rusty and his well being. What’s so great about David is his follow through. He doesn’t just train the dog; he will deliver them to your house and transition him back with you. It’s been awhile since Rusty has been at Blue Dog but his training is still in place, since David stressed how important it was to maintain the skills he taught Rusty. Someone remarked the other day that Rusty was like a robot – did everything I told him to on command and was just so sweet and well behaved. In the past 6 months I can’t say that I’ve seen hum revert back to his old fear aggressive ways and I know that I have David and his staff to thank for giving me back the sweet little puppy I first fell in love with!”
- Nicole V.

“Our dog Nova had never been boarded prior to last week. After some research we decided to give Blue Dog Ranch a try and we are so happy we did! Bobby Sue and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. We were put at ease about leaving our dog in their care. We had a great experience and pretty sure Nova enjoyed her stay too. Nova will definitely return to BDR should she ever need to be boarded again.”
- Jamie C.

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