Only 6 Commands

No clicker, no jerking, no flipping on the back, no rough stuff, no snapping fingers or inappropriate corrections. ONLY 6 COMMANDS. That’s all your dog needs! COME: a solid recall “coming when called the first time”. We practice this when your dog is distracted by something because the recall is most important in real-life emergency situations. SIT: a solid sit-stay. We do not use “stay”, it is built into sit. Instead, we focus on the release command. DOWN: a solid down-stay “We do not use “stay”, it is built into down. Instead, we focus on the release command. GO: We teach your dog a Greeting Routine, to meet strangers in a calm and friendly manner, no jumping, no lunging, barking etc. OK: You don’t have to walk through a door-way ahead of your dog in order to be the leader. Having the dog walk with you is more practical, as long as you give permission to do so. NO: There is no “leave it”, “stop it”, “drop it”. No is universal. These basic commands are simple for the dog to understand and can be used interchangeable in many different situations.
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Holiday Dog Safety

“We’re gonna rock this town Rock it inside out!” Tis the Season to enjoy! Just a few safety tips for your furry family members to make it safe and stress free: 1. Be sure your dog has a buckle collar that can’s slip over his/her head. 2. Attach a good quality tag with your information (we like: 3. Attach each tag separately, should one fall off. Ideally you should have a microchip tag, your personal information tag, and a rabies tag. 4. Snap collars always end up popping off. 5. It’s during the rush of the holidays animals tend to slip out of open gates and doors. Be extra viligilant about putting your dog in a separate room, kennel, or crate when you have house keepers, workmen, guests and deliveries. It only takes that one second for a dog to slip through a door, hop a gate, slide through legs and then they are out on the street. 6. Never remove the collar and tags to let your dogs neck “rest”, this is when an accident will surely occur. If you bathe your pup, be sure to put it on right after the bath. Better a damp collar then a lost dog with no ID. Additional Resources:
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