Dog Boarding


We are a specialized dog boarding facility that takes all types of doggie personalities, giving each of them one on one time with staff and plenty of outdoor time in all the different play yards!

Our kennel suites are 15′ x 4.5′. We have both semi-private kennel suites and friendly neighbor kennel suites. Our kennel suites are air conditioned allowing the dogs to stay cool during hot summer days. Additionally, each kennel suite has heated floors to keep our guests warm and cozy over the winter months. Beds and comforters are provided.

Our yards come in varying sizes and all feature kiddie pools and misters. The Big Yard is a large astro turf yard with a Splash Pool on one end and glass panels allow visitors to peek in on the pups while they play; the Back Yard, poured and sealed concrete, is separated from the Big Yard via a sturdy wire mesh and plexi-glass fence; and our Front Yard sits right in front of the office, it is the quietest most serene spot on the property.



Our guests receive plenty of play time as well as their own spacious kennel suites. The dogs enjoy multiple play yards throughout the day, spend time in the office with our staff and take naps in their kennel suites on soft pillows and blankets.

Our daily routine keeps your pup happy. It starts by letting everybody “take care of business” early in the morning and breakfast is served shortly thereafter. Our caring staff makes sure the yards and kennel suites are clean at all times and your doggie enjoys plenty of one-on-one time and play-time. Some dogs love to play ball and others love to wade in our doggie-proof swimming pool. There is also time to sunbathe and simply enjoy the fresh air.

Your pooch receives constant attention throughout the day and the play yards are occupied until it’s bedtime for the doggies. Some of our guests require multiple meals and/or medication and our skilled staff is happy to accommodate this, as well.

At the end of the day, after exercise, fun and all the things your doggie likes to do while on vacation, classical music leads to sweet dreams.

Please visit our contact page for hours and days of operations
Please Note
  • Only dogs who have been previously trained by David have the option of dog boarding with David personally.
  • Rotations in each yard are done in intervals of 15-30 minutes based on weather, health of your dog, and number of dogs in kennel.
  • Group play is not guaranteed and is based upon what dogs are dog boarding at any given time. We do not dog test dogs on first stay.
  • Dogs must have current records of the following vaccinations or titer tests showing that they have antibodies against the diseases they protect against:
  • DDHLP within the last year
  • Bordatella within the last year (every 6 months is not necessary)
  • Rabies within the last year
  • Spay/neuter certificate

Looking for Training?

We offer dedicated services for training. Creator David Roe applies scientific based Learning Theory combined with a positive reward system to help your dog overcome any problem.



You are charged for the full day regardless of the time of arrival. Check out time is 10am; your dog is welcome to stay past 10am but an additional calendar day’s charge will be applied. Our drop-offs and pick-ups are scheduled by appointment only.

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